In This Together

 We envision and work toward a just world where LGBTQ+ people are fully integrated, recognized, respected, and valued in a spirit of mutuality in Anabaptist communities in Canada.

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"What In This Together is doing is so needed in the Church right now. It will be amazing to see what unfolds."

Mennonite Church Canada member

Why "In This Together"?

The name "In This Together" came from a movement at the Mennonite Church Canada Assembly in Saskatoon in 2016. Buttons were made with the words "In This Together" with the Mennonite Church peace dove over a rainbow. The explanation of why these words were chosen is below. When brainstorming what this initiative could be called, we kept coming back to these words. We are in this together, working towards a more integrated Church.


An invitation to ‘stay in’ with one another, because we are committed first to one another; our relationships come first. 


Anabaptists in Canada; our mutual commitment to Christ 


That unity is not based on uniformity, conformity, or homogeneity. We are together because we commit to be Christ followers together.

Our Mission

Our Logo

Designed by queer, Toronto-based graphic designer Jon Owen, this logo merges the imagery of the dove and the rainbow, creating a single icon of a dove with its wings spread. The wings wrap along the word mark, suggesting a loving embrace and peaceful acceptance. The colours' flow also mimics the embrace of the dove.

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