About Us


In This Together is a work in progress. Here you will find what we've discovered so far. If you are interested in helping to shape and organize, please connect with us.

Vision of In This Together

We envision and work toward a just world where LGBTQ+ people are fully integrated, recognized, respected, and valued in a spirit of mutuality in Anabaptist communities in Canada.


Our Mission

  • Facilitate connections across Canada
  • Raise awareness of LGBTQ+ people and their experiences
  • Resource LGBTQ+ people, allies, and communities
  • Encourage Anabaptist communities to become safer for LGBTQ+ people
  • Calling and resourcing LGBTQ+ people from these communities into leadership


Join Us


As followers of Christ, we value: 

  • A posture of hospitality
    • Welcome all who wish to engage with our Vision, understanding that individuals and communities are theologically diverse in their level of LGBTQ+ inclusion. 
  • An openness to Transformation
    • Inviting people to invest in their own learning and change 
  • A commitment to peace
    • Building bridges and practicing nonviolent resistance to the harm that has been inflicted upon LGBTQ+ people in the name of the Church. 
  • The image of God in each person
    • Each person is uniquely gifted, lovingly accepted by God, and encouraged to share their contributions. 


  1. Consolidating ITT as a functional, well funded, well structured, well known organization in the Anabaptist community
  2. Raising Awareness and Celebrating the stories, perspectives, and gifts of LGBTQ+ people
  3. Facilitating Connections among Anabaptists communities in Canada
  4. Resource People and Communities