Our Team

The following people have worked to get In This Together to where it is today. We have lovingly called ourselves the "Pre-Committee." Will you join us?


Alissa Bender
Hamilton Mennonite Church, Ontario

Alissa (she/her) lives in Hamilton, Ontario where she pastors, cycles, and makes as much music as possible.

Matthew Froese
First Mennonite Church, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Matthew (he/him) is a professional engineer in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and is a member of First Mennonite Church of Winnipeg. Matt loves singing and racing triathlons.

Leah Harder
Community Mennonite Church of Stouffville, Ontario

Leah (she/her) lives on a farm with various humans and animals. She loves finding beauty in the outdoors and anywhere she can find it.

Pieter Niemeyer
Toronto United Mennonite Church, Ontario

Pieter Niemeyer (he/him) has 21 years of congregational ministry and social justice engagement. He loves traveling, hiking and good conversation. Together, with his partner Mauricio, he participates in the community life of Toronto United Mennonite Church.

Mauricio Palacio
Toronto United Mennonite Church, Ontario

Mauricio identifies as a Colombian-Canadian, Catholic-Mennonite gay man. As an ex-Jesuit and Mennonite, building bridges and sharing in a community context are central to him.

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