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Why Become a Member of In This Together?

Networking. Along with other members in your area, you can help identify your local needs, plan events and meet-ups, and bring your needs to the wider community. This helps to build momentum for our collective activities and future campaigns, and in turn bring positive change to Anabaptist communities across Canada. It helps us connect you to other members, far and near.
Representation. Members and Chapters serve as a means of representing the diverse interests and opinions across the Anabaptist landscape. They bring together individuals who share similar ideas, struggles and goals, providing a platform for these views to be heard and acted upon. 
Accountability. Membership helps ensure fulfilment of ITT's goals. Members and Chapters play a crucial role in holding the organization accountable for its actions. At the same time, members align with ITTs principles and policies.
Longevity. Membership provides permanence to the organization and ensures endurance of the ITT mission. Many hands make light work!

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